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Hiring for VMC Operator

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    2 months ago
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    September 25, 2024

VMC Operator Job Vacancy Description:

Job Title: VMC Operator

Job Type: [Full-time, Part-time, Contract, etc.]

Company: [Provide a brief description of the company and its manufacturing operations.]


  1. Machine Operation:
    • Set up and operate Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) to produce precision parts based on engineering drawings and specifications.
    • Load and unload workpieces into the machine, ensuring proper alignment and securing.
  2. Tool and Material Preparation:
    • Select appropriate cutting tools and set them up on the machine.
    • Load raw materials into the machine and ensure they meet required specifications.
  3. Programming:
    • Read and interpret CNC programs to execute machining operations accurately.
    • Make adjustments to program parameters as needed for optimal performance.
  4. Quality Assurance:
    • Monitor machine operations and make necessary adjustments to maintain product quality and accuracy.
    • Conduct quality checks using precision measuring instruments to ensure parts meet specifications.
  5. Maintenance and Troubleshooting:
    • Perform routine maintenance on machines, including cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs.
    • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues that may arise during the machining process and take appropriate corrective actions.
  6. Safety and Compliance:
    • Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment.
    • Comply with all relevant regulations and standards related to machining operations.


  1. Education and Experience:
    • High school diploma or equivalent.
    • Previous experience as a VMC operator or similar role is preferred.
  2. Technical Skills:
    • Proficiency in operating and programming CNC machines, specifically VMCs.
    • Familiarity with reading engineering drawings and blueprints.
  3. Attention to Detail:
    • Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain precision and accuracy in machining operations.
  4. Problem-Solving:
    • Effective problem-solving skills to address issues related to machine operation and tooling.
  5. Communication:
    • Good communication skills to effectively coordinate with team members and supervisors.